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2020 Housing Market X-ray of a Pandemic Year

2nd July 2021
2020 Housing Market X-ray of a Pandemic Year

Sales 2020

The number of home sales registered in 2020 presented a result in accordance with the health and economic context, decreasing by 16.7% compared to 2019, having registered 419,898 sales. Used housing, with 335,869 purchases, fell 18.7% annually, while new housing, with 84,029 transactions, experienced a smaller decrease of 7.3%.

The results of sales according to their degree of protection, by CC. AA. show that protected housing only exceeded 3% of the total in Navarra (4.6%), Asturias (3.6%) and the Basque Country (3.5%), being even less than 1% of the total sales registered in seven DC. AA.

Surface of the houses bought.

In 2020, confinement and the health situation have led home seekers to seek homes with a larger surface area. In this context, 52.2% of sales in the last year have had an area greater than 80m2, compared to 50.5% in 2019. In the rest of the sizes analyzed, they decreased: the floors with surface between 60 and 80m2 accounted for 28.0% of floors with an area between 40 and 60m2, 16.4% and those with an area of ​​less than 40m2 3.4%.

This year, the main foreign nationality that buys homes in each of the different Spanish provinces is analyzed for the first time. As is known, the British predominate in half of the Andalusian provinces, as well as in Murcia and Alicante. Germans predominate in the Balearic Islands. Italians are the majority foreigners in the Canary Islands and La Coruña. If the analysis focuses on the number of provinces where a specific nationality predominates, Romanians are the foreigners most buyers in many provinces of inland Spain and also in those of the North. The Moroccans. As is to be expected, they are the majority among foreigners in several provinces of Andalusia and Extremadura as well as others in the north of Spain.

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